January Thrift Finds

thrift finds

Oh what a great day for thrifting! Check out my finds from the one and only Salvation Army: $2 sweater that required an easy sewing fix to one sleeve, $4 pants that fit perfectly (fitted and stretchy without the hooch factor of leggings), and $1 goodies for Little Girl. I love second-hand shopping. It takes the ouch-factor out of buying clothes and allows me to take more fashion risks (if it’s so ridiculous that I only wear it twice, at least it only cost as much as a coffee). It also is a very practical way to recycle, and the Californian in me is all over that.

I have a method to my thrifting. Most thrift stores have lots and lots of items and minimal organization. Sure, you can look at every single shirt on the rack and waste hours of your life. OR you can strategize. In the baby clothes section, I gaze at the racks for patterns and colors that catch my eye. Always check for food stains. The baby section is a great place to potentially find cute, modern clothes (they outgrow them so fast, that you might find items that were in stores just months ago). Unfortunately, though, these items are likely to have undergone the most spills, blow outs, and consequently washes (which ages clothes). In the women’s section, I take a different approach. While looking at the rack, I slide my hand along each hanger to feel every item while I pass. Believe it or not, the fabrics with the best texture almost always turn out to belong to items I like (this method also has a way of picking out the higher quality materials, often revealing brands like J Crew and Ann Taylor). The most difficult area, I believe, is the men’s section. The prints and colors are generally more subdued and there is less variety in fabrics (I’ve yet to see Mr. P in chiffon). My current method is to take the baby section approach to the men’s shirts and the women’s section approach to the pants. It’s not a perfect system, but it saves time and increases the possibility that I’ll return, which is the best strategy of all when it comes to thrift stores: visit regularly.

Do you guys have any tips on thrifting? What was the best item you ever scored second-hand?

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