Carrot Everything

My philosophy on eating well goes something like this: as long as you eat enough vegetables, the rest is cake. But seriously. While I do like my skinny jeans and bikini season, I am not one to completely call off indulgent food. If you feel like you’re dieting, it is not something you can sustain for a long period of time. (That being said, I think there is a time for dieting, but now that we are back to pre-pregnancy weight, that time is not currently here.) My guidelines when cooking and snacking: use mostly whole wheat flour, rarely use butter (apple sauce makes a great baking substitute), and when in doubt, reach for produce.

I have recently been on a carrot kick. The trouble with carrots is that there is no pretending they are something else–spinach and kale can blend into other flavors and textures, but snacking on carrots is like the dark side of the healthy moon. They’re hard and cold and crunchy. But every now and then when the time is just right, their hard, cold, crunchy qualities seem more like a firm, refreshing, and crisp snack. One of my summer go-to sandwiches is toast smeared with hummus filled with spinach and carrot slices. Lots of protein and flavor without feeling too heavy for a hot day. The other day I enjoyed one of these bad boys on homemade rosemary bread. Oh heavens. For that unbelievable recipe, you need to go here and make yourself some. Talk about jazzing up some carrots. Oh golly. The outer crust is crispy and salty with bits of rosemary.

carrot drink

Another divine treat is a little drink I discovered at a juice bar in Davis (CA) called “Davis Sunshine.” A mix of carrot and orange juice, it was tasty and refreshing. The earthy carrot taste plays well with the tarty sweetness of oranges. If you are among us laymen who have no juicers, you have several options. If you’re up for a thicker, pulpy consistency, you can just go for the blender. If you are a parent of a young child, you have the option of stealing a jar of carrots from your baby (what?). The recipe is simple: 1 part carrots, 2 parts orange juice. It is tasty with other juices as well (apple and carrot is pictured here).

Before you go and enjoy yourself these two carrot treats, I highly recommend a few of these carrot recipes:

Real Simple printed a recipe for roasted carrots and beets that I tried a few weeks ago. It embraces the earthy flavors (hello beets) while finding yet another way to feature rosemary (spice royalty).

Rob’s World made some salted carrot chipsย that look so obviously delicious that I’ve been wondering why I haven’t tried these before.

Inspiralized created some garlic oregano carrot rice that is a fun play on texture and seems to legitimately convince you that you’re not eating carrots.

Finally, Including Cake (love that name) has some carrot burgers that are a fresh variation of veggie burgers (complete with tahini and oats among other intriguing ingredients). I’m dying to try these!

Have any new or classic ways of feasting on carrots? Do share!



    1. Haha, I wish I could take credit for that, but it seems our tiny 40s townhouse only had room/plugins for our laundry equipment in the kitchen! Works as counter space for us. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I have hardly any counter space, so I appreciate your challenge! I use my stovetop for my cutting board sometimes. I actually posted about my small kitchen a while back. Regardless, nice work! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  1. love this Sandy! can’t wait to try all of these! : ) I happen to love the orange and carrot juice/smoothie combo — it’s a fave of mine! (So are roasted carrots and beets,yum! I love to throw those in a wrap with spinach, hummus and sheep’s milk feta (sheep’s milk is lactose free!) yum!! great pics too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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