February Thrift Finds

This month has been nuts, my friends. We are trying to buy a house and as exciting as this is, we have had some seriously bad encounters with realtors, banks, and even inspectors. But mostly selling realtors. Ugh. There is something about money (and large sums of it, which are required for buying a house) that brings out the worst in people. The good news: I paid a visit to good ol’ Salvation Army, where money is a non-issue, and as always, found some goodies. Speaking of goodies, I hit up some yard sales today and guess who found some classic Disney DVDs (Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, y’all) for a buck each!!! Can I get a “what what” from some mamas!? If you don’t know why I’m so excited, it’s because Disney made up this imaginary vault where the keep all their movies and since this vault is so hard to open, they have to charge a freak ton of money every time a movie is temporarily “released from the vault.” $20 for a dvd? No no no, Disney.


Salvation Army never fails me. So far this month, I’ve found three shirts that I love. I know, only two are pictured above. Stick around to see the third.


First is this fun, teal number. It’s synthetic, sheer, and extraordinarily comfortable with pleats that look make it look polished. I’m unsure of the bottom, though. I’ll let you know if I decide to take action on it.


Then there is this coral blouse. Again, the fabric is synthetic and sheer. When I bought it, there were extremely awkward pleats in the center at waist-level. I wish I had taken a picture for you guys. Using a seam ripper, I removed the bunching, which left a very obvious wrinkle. After ironing it at a low temperature, boom, no trace of the hideous pleats and this guy is ready for a belt and somewhere fun to go.


If you look reallllly close in the photo above you can see the holes from the seams.



Now isn’t that fun? The last shirt I got was a men’s button down in a size small. It fit in the shoulders but was baggy. One of my pet peeves about women’s button downs is that they are always too short for my long torso. So, I took in (tutorial to come) the shirt and voila! Pardon the super awkward selfie. I’m no good at being in front of cameras.




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