We Bought a House!

Long time no see! I promise I have a good excuse for my absense, my friends.

We searched online; we drove through neighborhoods; we did walk throughs, negotiations, inspections (on several houses), and with the help of our incredible family we bought a (our first) house. We closed on Friday afternoon, drove straight to Lowe’s to buy paint, painted a few rooms (again, with the help of our family), moved in the next day and here we are Tuesday night and we’re almost unpacked. Needless to say, it has been a rush.

I’d love to share more about the home-buying process (to be fair, Mr. P did the hard parts like gathering the infinite amount of paperwork necessary for a mortgage), but I am currently swamped with this glass of merlot, so I’ll have to tell you more about it later.

I will say that it’s a 1950 2-bedroom home that’s in great shape. We have some big plans for this little guy. Little Girl loves it and has decided to start walking just as we’ve moved in. She’s been celebrating with large quantities of goldfish and bubble wrap (which she stomps on victoriously). I’ll keep you posted on our progress and hopefully I’ll have some photos to show you soon (3/6 rooms are painted so far).

Stay tuned!


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