The first week after moving in to our house, we painted painted painted. Most of the house is a lovely shade of grey (that I will be happily showing you guys later). After so much neutral (grey living room, grey dining room, grey hallway), I just kind of lost my mind.

Find the perfect yellow

This is in our mini-sunroom. The wall color is (was) kind of an Arizona-clay-tan color. It was almost neutral. Almost. See, the beauty of neutral wall colors is that they are so easy to work with–even if you’re not crazy about the color itself. If it’s loud/statement-making, you have to love it. Soooo I slapped some sample paints on the wall: the first color (upper left) was from the previous homeowner (I believe it’s “Straw” by Benjamin Moore); the second color (bottom left), Valspar’s “Golden Treasure,” was left over from a project in the nursery (get excited); and the third color (right) was the result of my mixing the two. So much yellow.

Choosing the perfect yellow

So I did what any rational person would do and I poured the two paints together to go full steam ahead with option 3. No looking back. Right about here was where I wondered if I was making a huge mistake.

The perfect yellow

Mmm. Buttery, happy, lovely yellow. This is one-coat in. Today I worked on coat-2. Don’t you worry. Some after photos are coming your way soon and lemme just say, I am SO pleased with this incredible yellow. The natural lighting brings out the best in it and even tones it down (you heard me right). The only problem? If we ever need to touch up this paint job, we have absolutely no way of recreating this color. But pish posh. A bridge to cross later.


One thought on “YELLOW

  1. do you have any of this mix left? paint it onto like a paint stirrer and Lowes can literally SCAN it (think checkout line scanner) and match it. I have seen it done by people that bring in bedding or a pillow. it’s very high- tech 😉

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