Bedroom Reveal


This is a picture of our bedroom when we toured the house before buying it. The furniture belonged to the previous homeowner, so when we moved in the room was an empty, straw-colored space.

Bedroom BeforeThe only renovation-type work we’ve done to it is to paint, remove the blinds, and add curtain rods, but in terms of decorating this room has grown a bit younger.

Bedroom After

As a teenager I was gifted with a beautiful, large bedroom set (the bedframe, 2 nightstands, a dresser, and an armoire not shown here). These extremely large, expensive, and sentimental pieces had to be incorporated into our room, although they are a bit more traditional in style than what we’re going for in the overall feel of the room. Soon I’ll be updating the hardware for a little facelift.

bedroom makeover

Yes, my bedside table always looks like this… fresh flowers, french press coffee… I’m lying. So currently we have light-blocking, khaki curtains. Verrrry functional and not hideous, but not attractive either. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for fabric to do something India-inspired (I’m thinking yellow… I’m always thinking yellow though). I recently got our two bedside lamps from Target on sale. The lamp shades are a Goodwill find, originally from Target and unused. I’d love to cover them, but I want to see how the curtains pan out before I abandon the neutral shades.


Want Sherwin Williams paint at half the price? Bring the paint card to Lowes and they'll make it with the Valspar base!

The wall color shown here is Sherwin Williams’ “Raindrop.” Somehow Sherwin Williams always has great colors, but the price. THE PRICE. Ugh. Little trick: take the paint card (or just know the name) to Lowes and they can make it with the Valspar base! Boom. You just cut the price in half without cutting (in my opinion) the quality. I feel like the color looks very Robins Egg in these photos. In person it’s a little deeper and perhaps with a touch more green in it.

Bedroom Makeover

I held out buying a jewelry display for a long time. Why, when I could make one? I used a bulletin board covered in burlap for about a year (using tacks to hold necklaces and the like), which worked, but when I saw this at Hobby Lobby for half price, I decided to just go for it. Mm. No regrets here.

Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom After

Currently our bedding is a mashup of randoms. At first we started with a down comforter covered with a duvet in the leaf print seen on the shams, but then we remembered we were in the South and needed a lighter option, so we snagged a light yellow comforter that is folded back in these pictures to reveal our grey sheets. I’d love to make a white quilt at some point and use funky/bright sheets, but that project’s not super high on the to-do list.

Bedroom After

And of course a little Klimt for good measure.

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

In our little town house the walls were a lovely beige, but with all the wood from our bedroom set, it was khaki on khaki. Another reason I am so pleased with our wall color.

Before our big move, our friends sent us off with a mason jar full of letters and sweet parting words!

This little jar was a parting gift from a group of our friends in California. They filled a jar with letters and sweet parting words for us to read during a cross-country drive. Best going away present ever!

Bedroom After

I’m happy to finally put this enormous floor pillow my sister got me from Greece to use! It’s funny how much sense floor pillows make when there’s a toddler in the house–you spend a shocking amount of time on the floor.

Frame the cake toppers from your wedding and sentimental cards for an adorable wall display.

Back in the town house I attempted a full-sized gallery wall. It was ok. Interesting, but it looked like I threw all of our frames on one wall, which I did, so you know. What you see here are two thrift store mirrors that I spray painted gold, a Cali display as a gift from one of my SIL’s (sister-in-law, yeah, we’re tight like that so I have to abbreviate), our wedding cake toppers framed (with burlap as the backdrop), and a paint card in mini frames. These all seemed to work together visually.

Bedroom After

This random mirror was left behind by the previous owner. While it is cheap and not great, I felt like we might be able to jazz it up some how and on memorial day we did a la pallet woodwork! I’ll have to show you all our pallet projects that “we” (Mr. P) did. But that’s for another day.

Bedroom After

This rug is one of my favorite hand-me-downs. Although the green looks really dark here, in person the blue pops and the design is so fun. We arranged it perpendicular to the bed, so that most of it could be shown instead of hiding under the bed.

Bedroom After

I feel like the green in the rug adds an earthy element to the room.

Bedroom Before & After!

So there it is! It’s not done, but it has come a long way. I’ll keep you posted on all future updates and I’ll be showing off our pallet projects soon!




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