Caverns in My Garden


As promised, I am updating you on how the outdoor progress is coming here. I also have an outrageous story. Get excited.

Garden ProgressThis is the side of the house where several tree-sized bushes used to be. Immediately after moving in, we ripped them out a la chaining them to an Expedition and driving away (not a joke). Since then, there has been little done over here until the last two weeks. We are planting a garden! I’ve been using a maddock (looks like what the grim reaper holds, it’s kind of a hoe and shovel in one) to break up the soil and uproot some ridiculous tree roots. It’s pretty back breaking work. So here is the progress–nearly done and ready for some seeds!

Below is a shot of what it looked like a month ago.


Here’s the story: I was working in the yard yesterday with the maddock. I was throwing this guy into the ground, sweat dripping off my face. One minute I was standing and then all of a sudden, my left leg fell through the ground and I was up to my hip in the ground. My right leg was on solid ground and my left dangling in an empty space. The ground had collapsed where I was digging, revealing an enormous space below the garden. I pulled myself out and stared down into this incredibly dark hole. While running into the house to grab a flashlight, my mind was racing. Was that an animal’s burrow? Have I found an entrance into some of Birmingham’s iron caverns!? Is there a sink hole on our property???

The offending hole.

I shone the light into the hole and couldn’t see the bottom. I ran to the fence (Mr. P was off site) and started hollering for my neighbor who was working the yard. Thinking we were in the middle of a family tragedy, he runs to our yard. “There’s a hole in the ground!” Covered in sweat, he squinted at me in disbelief that I could bother him about a hole in the earth. “I fell in it! It don’t know how deep it goes, it’s really deep, like a cavern!” I showed him the hole and shone the light in it for him. The sun hid behind clouds and we were finally able to see the bottom.

He peered into the hole. “You know what you’ve stumbled upon?” I waited for him to tell me that I have found the largest snake in Alabama. “It’s the old septic tank!”

Yeah. Six feet down and about four by four wide. It hasn’t been used in many years and the lid is actually still on it, but I stepped through some old license plates they had covered the opening with before burying it. Unbelievable. The best part of this story: when Mr. P saw it, his reaction was, “Let’s convert it to a storm shelter!” A hole of ancient poop. Buuuuut, if it protects us from a tornado, why not? Annnnyyyway, back to the yard.

Getting ready for the garden!

Ready for seeds!

Soon-to-be fire pit!

This is our soon-to-be fire pit. We’ve looked at several designs for how to design it and we’ve debated weather to stack the bricks up or dig down to make the pit. We’re not sold on any one idea yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

Our peach trees!

These two beautiful, little, baby trees are my new peach trees! I found them at Walmart for $10 a piece last week! For a fruit tree, that’s the best price I’ve ever seen. Originally, I just got the one on the left, but then I realized that fruit trees need at least one other tree to cross pollinate it. Meaning: if you only have one, it won’t bare fruit. So, I grabbed a second one. Yay peaches.

Our chicken coop in the making!

This beautiful structure in the making is going to be our chicken coop! We’re hoping to finish it up this week and get some chicks (hens only) over the weekend. Much more to come in that department!

Building a port onto the back of the shed.

Behind our shed, Mr. P’s wonderful father added a port for us to park our bikes (it’s rather difficult finding tools and paint in a shed filed with bicycles).


This is in front of our back porch. It doesn’t look like much, but it is spiderwort-free! I dug up this entire area to prepare for our raised planter that will house some lovely herbs and lemon balm and maybe even some flowers. Cannot wait.

the back porch before

This is what the back porch used to look like. The spiderwort is pretty, but impossible to control (and it can grow hilariously high).

Correcting the water shed.

To the left of the porch, we paved this little guy underneath the hose. It slopes away from the porch and greatly helps with watershed when it rains. And yep, those our our family hand prints on it.


This is my favorite update so far! It doesn’t look like much, but it is a lot of work and a bright future. This used to house two small trees/huge shrubs. We also ripped those out via the Expedition, but after going at this area with the maddock, spreading three bags of mulch, and planting blueberry bushes (!), this is where we are. I am so pleased. The blueberries I found at KMart’s Garden Shop for around $5 a piece. I kid you not. If you have access to one, you should visit it soon since they close their garden area in the off season (and they have great prices right now since they’re closing it soon).


Nasty shrubs gone!

While this picture isn’t probably worth a re-pin, it is huge progress for us. We removed one more shrub tree (this is around the corner from the blueberries on the front of the house). In a year or so, we’re planning to expand the porch, so I’m hesitant to sink a lot of time or cash into the landscaping this area. BUT I can’t leave it like this, so I have a few ideas. Right now we have two azalea bushes and one boxwood (I think?) that may get rearranged a little. I’d love to add some hydrangeas, but we’ll see.

That’s all for now! Thanks for being with us in spirit during all this hard work 🙂



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