DIY Painted Rug


I’m happy to report that this DIY is so easy that calling it a DIY is debatable. Here’s to one of the easiest, highest-yielding projects yet in input-effort to outcome terms. Cheers to that.

We had a kitchen rug given to us several years ago as a wedding gift. Initially it was all cappuccino-y looking (that’s a word), but the tough love in our house left it faded and bland-looking. So, I grabbed some painters tape and went to work at making stripes down the length of the rug. I taped mine to the floor to keep it from sliding around.

DIY painted rug

Next, I taped the border of the rug to protect the floor from getting painted. Then using small pieces of tape, I began placing diagonal strips to make the herringbone pattern between the stripes.

DIY painted rug


Then, using a paint brush and just a bit of Valspar’s Rugged Suede in satin, I painted the exposed rug.

DIY painted rug


I was nervous that the original pattern of the rug would steal the attention away from the paint or that it would look messy, but the original print is so subtle compared to the herringbone that it totally worked.

DIY painted rug


Stay tuned for a tutorial on the pallet shelving (among other pallet projects) that you saw in the kitchen reveal!

DIY painted rug



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