How to Announce Your Pregnancy

Baby Announcement

Yep. Little Girl’s graduating to Big Sister. And on Sunday I decided it was time to get around to making our big Facebook announcement (lame or not, it’s an effective means of communication). Deciding how to share the news was a bit agonizing and after throwing ideas around with Mr. P we landed on just doing a continuation of our first pregnancy announcement (shoes and chalk). Initially, though, I fell in love with the crib eviction notice idea. Have you seen these? This is how ours turned out:

Pregnancy Announcement

So funny, but the problem(s): I didn’t think of it myself and Mr. P thought it was cheesy. Once it came out we came to the conclusion that it made Little Girl look like she was super ticked about having a sibling, which we’re hoping is not the case. Not to mention, the photo just isn’t that great with the chalkboard frame cut off and the lighting being just ok. So I decided I would keep trying and just browse all my shots at the end of the day and see which one we liked best.

Pregnancy Announcement

This idea was destined to be cute. She’ll be laying down and laughing looking all adorable and it will be awesome. OR she’ll get really mad that I put her in the grass (???) and refuse to work with me and continue the theme of looking like she hates siblings.

Pregnancy Announcement

Nope. Trampling all over that.

Pregnancy Announcement

Then I got the great idea to let her hold up the ultrasound photos. Lemme just say, if you’re planning on entrusting precious photos to a toddler, you need to rethink your plan. This is the ONE photo (out of one billion, yes, one billion) where she’s not crumpling the ultrasound or holding them facing the wrong way. When seeing this shot, though, the thought was that maybe I could Photoshop some writing on the pallet “Big Sister, Feb 19” or something that effect.

But alas, the best photos just come so naturally. Little Girl was obsessed with the shoe display as you can see:

Pregnancy Announcement

Yeah, she’s stealing shoes. Total booger. Before this shot, though, I kept her from touching the display so I could get a shot of it and out of that wreckage came our announcement photo:

Pregnancy Announcement

It was clear and yet SO funny! And while we weren’t all about getting a “look how upset she is at this news” photo, this one made us laugh so hard that it just didn’t matter anymore. Now let me clarify when I say that we were laughing: we don’t laugh at her pain or like it when Little Girl is sad, but she was crying that she couldn’t touch the shoes. There were no spankings here or physical pain of any kind, just the internal turmoil of not getting what you want.

So, my tips on taking a pregnancy announcement:

1) Reflect your own personality. In our household, we do a lot of running/races, so running shoes seemed like a simple, appropriate way to share our news.

2) Be creative. Nothing takes the wind out of the sails of your announcement like copying someone else’s elaborate announcement idea. You can’t lay claim to the simpler things (like holding up a positive pregnancy test or a sign that says when you’re due), but the more specific ideas (like the eviction notice) feel almost like you’re stealing someone’s creative work.

3) If using your child, be flexible. Children are unpredictable, most especially in front of dinner guests or cameras. If you want to incorporate your child(ren) into your announcement, allow for time and tears, bring snacks, and roll with it. You may end up with something totally different than you planned (that you love).

4) Make it clear. The whole point of your announcement is to share a message. If you want to make it in the form of a riddle or a detailed photo that takes concentration, accept the fact that some may just not get it or devote the time necessary to understand.

Good luck to any fellow preggos! May your morning sickness be mild.


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