It’s been a while because Mr. P, Little Girl, and I just got back from vacation visiting friends in California! So fun! We miss everyone out there so much. Upon our return to our little farm here, we were welcomed by a cucumber harvest. All these puppies were waiting for us in the garden!

Urban Farming

Look at this thing! There were two plots here that never even produced seedlings (where I planted beets and carrots — apparently the soil was not up for root vegetables) and now the watermelon (in front) and cucumbers (right in front of the corn in the back) are taking over!

Growing Watermelons

Grow, watermelon! Grow! Upon later inspection, we found that the ants (we’re waging war against them on our property altogether, their numbers are outrageous) were claiming a few of these puppies. Sigh. I’m going to try a borax-sugar mix and see how that works against these little monsters.

Grow Marigolds

The marigolds are finally blooming! These guys apparently work as a natural pesticide. They took a lot longer to grow from seeds than I expected. If you’re planting marigold seeds, I recommend getting them going before you start your vegetables.

Growing Basil

Look how big these basil plants are! After giving up on my herbs, I noticed inch-tall basil seedlings one day while weeding. I then relocated them to this empty plot (where I planted carrots) and they have shot up. And they are so delicious. Mmm.

Grow Zucchini

It was (clearly) hard to get a shot of the zucchini that’s growing here, but sure enough, it’s on the way. The zucchini seems to be growing a touch slower than everything else. Not sure what the deal is, but I’ve heard that zucchini is extremely likely to give gardeners a glut (more than they can possibly use), so I’m not too worried about them.

Grow Sunflowers

When I look at these giant flowers standing higher than our fence, I marvel at the fact that they came from tiny seeds that I plopped in the ground on a whim. It sounds real old lady of me, but there is the most epic sense of accomplishment that accompanies growing a garden from seeds.

Grow Sunflowers


Grow Corn

The corn is almost ready! I was a little surprised that the corn grew in the middle of the plant and not up at the top. Somehow this basic of piece of information escaped me. Apparently the way you know corn is ready (without shucking it) is to feel the tip of it: if it’s pointy, it needs more time, but if it’s blunt and kind of rounded, it’s good for the picking. What I have heard is that you want to eat these guys straight after picking them. One article said to get your water boiling before you go out and pick them. That sounds a little ridiculous to me, but I’ll let you know soon enough if there’s truth to it.

I’m about to start gearing up for the winter garden that will soon go in this guy’s place. Just wanted to show you this lovely surprise!


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