DIY Succulent Birdcage

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Oh sweet, today is the final day of the pallet series! YES! I have been waiting, nay, earnestly anticipating what the fourth and final project is!” To that I say, I am truly flattered. Shucks. Are you really that excited? Oh! Now I’m excited! But wait! That fourth project will have to be put on hold til next week because I have a little something something I’ve been dying to show you guys.

It all began about a year ago when I saw the most glorious wedding decoration. You can see it on the Brides of Adelaide website. One bride adorned her reception (and herself) with succulents in the classiest and most lovely way. You know how I feel about succulents. Before you reject one more succulent project, take a look at what this girl (or her florist?) did:

birdcage inspiration

Oh heck yeah. I’ve been trying to muster the courage to risk murdering my plants attempt this ever since.

What you will need:

DIY Succulent Birdcage

  • A birdcage that opens from the top (this lovely came from Hobby Lobby for 50% off because you know how they do)
  • Succulents of your choice
  • Potting soil (you won’t need much)
  • Scissors
  • Weed barrier fabric
  • Rocks
  • A toddler to pick up small rocks for you (do not do this without a toddler, waaay harder)

Begin by cutting a strip of barrier fabric that is approximately twice as thick as the bottom of your birdcage.

DIY Succulent Birdcage

I cut about half the length off of that piece and placed it in the birdcage, doing my best to line it. Then, I attempted to cut the fabric (yes, while it was inside–I’m not a scientist, you should expect this kind of behavior from me by now) so that no side of the fabric was sticking up higher than the others.

DIY Succulent Birdcage

Then, hunt through your yard for small rocks and line the bottom of your cage with them. This is where you need the toddler. It’s truly an ergonomical solution. Anyway, the rocks help keep your succulents well drained.

DIY Succulent Birdcage

Next add potting soil until it is just under the top of your barrier fabric.

Here comes the fun part.

DIY Succulent Birdcage

Take your first succulent and gingerly try to separate the roots from the soil. You want to be very careful while simultaneously making your root ball as small as possible (by losing soil, not roots).

DIY Succulent Birdcage

Very carefully, push the root ball through the bars of the birdcage until the head of the succulent is up against the bars of the cage. Press the roots down into the soil (give them a little pat).

Repeat this process until your cage is lined all the way around. This is a great time to separate some of your succulents (like my donkey’s tail). Once all the succulents are in, add a touch more soil to cover the roots. You can’t add much without it spilling out the sides, but do what you can.

DIY Succulent Birdcage

And voila! Another way you could attempt to do this would be to line the entire birdcage with barrier fabric and cut holes in the fabric for the succulents. This might help you achieve a more dimensional look like my inspiration picture. But take caution, I haven’t tested this method.

DIY Succulent Birdcage

Lovely lovely.

DIY Succulent Birdcage

You may have noticed that my little jewel has almost fully recovered from the sunburn it received a while back. Yay! (It grew new leaves, the sunburned ones eventually died.)

DIY Succulent Birdcage

You also may have noticed that my jade plant didn’t make it into the birdcage. I have seen these grow quite large, and I didn’t want it outgrowing the birdcage anytime soon. So now it has a pot all to itself.

DIY Succulent Birdcage

I am so pleased with how it turned out! Hope you guys enjoy as well.



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