New Additions [to the Family]

Lately things have been so DIY-this and DIY-that, which has been fun, but I haven’t had the chance to update you on us. The last thing you heard was that we were announcing our pregnancy. Clearly, I am failing you in the updates department.

A few preggo updates:

  • We’re now 22 weeks pregnant
  • I’m in maternity clothes already (woot)
  • This pregnancy feels a lot like the last one
  • Except that I have disturbing and frequent cravings for sausage (what is wrong with me)
  • This time I’m doing yoga and weight training to help prevent running injuries
  • Our babies will be less than 2 years apart and sharing a room

As to the frequency of my belly shots and the lack of wearing the same outfit for each shot–welllll, you just need to stop hating. But in reality, we take a shot on all the Sunday mornings we remember before walking to church. So this is really just a testament of my memory…


Anyway, we’re stoked and cannot wait for this second little to join the family. We’re struggling through all sorts of decisions: when to start potty training Little Girl, when to move her out of the crib, where to put the baby for the first month or two (while we’re still nursing frequently at night), etc.

All that being said, this new little is not the only addition to our family…

A month ago, our local Humane Society had a sale (what?) on kittens. And it just so happened that a week before this, I found a giant rat in our house. So clearly there was only one thing to do.

Meet Benji


Meet Benji!

Meet Benji

Little Girl is obsessed. And he’s totally ok with her tough love! She has straight up picked him up by the neck without getting scratched. It’s amazing.

Meet Benji
Pardon the bad phone pictures, guys.

Meet Benji

So Benji is great. But he’s not our only addition to the house this month…

I know what you’re thinking. We’ve lost our minds.


We knew we wanted a dog for a long time, but we debated when the right time to get one would be. Well a few weeks ago we had a hawk attack on the chickens (not kidding). The short version of the story is that I found a chicken and a hawk (who flew away when I came near) under our porch, leaving the chickens unharmed but terrified. Apparently the only solution for hawks is to keep your chickens in their coop (but ours are free range) OR to have a dog in the yard. So I would also like to introduce you to Shasta (like the mountain in CA).

Meet Shasta!

Yeah, I’m living in a cute house. It’s ridiculous.

When we first brought Shasta inside, Benji was extremely unsure about him.

Shasta and Benji

And then this

Benji and Shasta

I was a little freaked out when Benji straight up attacked him, but Shasta loved it! He started to wrestle with Benji (all with a wagging tail) and the two are practically in love now. They wrestle all the time, and Shasta hates being without Benji (he whines  if they’re separate).

Meet Shasta

Look at his little chubby puppy walk. Ah!

Meeting the chickens

We introduced him to the chickens. Apparently dogs can get along with chicken swimmingly as long as you teach them from the start that chasing them is completely off limits. Word on the street is that a playful game that begins with curiosity ends with a dog who has a taste for chickens.

Speaking of chickens, one of our pullets (chicken that we paid extra for because they told us it was female) started crowing… ie our “pullet” (Paris, if you remember meeting her, eh, him) is a rooster. And our city does not allow roosters. Just as we were wondering what to do about it, he jumped the fence into our neighbor’s yard and was attacked by their dog. So, kind of a sad and weird aside. We now have 4 hens who should start laying in the next month or two.

The boys

Meet Shasta

Shasta and Benji

Little Girl and Shasta

Because there wasn’t enough cuteness going on.

Meet Shasta

Meet Shasta

So there’s the gang. And soon enough we’ll have a baby human around here as well. Hopefully we’ll have the house training in order by then. Here’s hoping…

And I think we’re done getting pets now (in case you were wondering).



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