5 Days of Organization

5 organization projects 5 days -- each can be done during a nap time!

I have had it with certain areas of my house. I am done living in fear of opening the hall closet. I’m done dreading putting Mr. P’s laundry away because the closet is a stress zone. I am just done with it all. Which is why, I am happy to say, I have focused all this negative energy into a work week of positive improvements. Translation: 5 days, 5 projects, all that last the approximate duration of a nap time. So let me introduce the five lucky areas of our house that have hit rock bottom (ok, exaggeration) in terms of functionality and organization.

#1: Mr. P’s Closet

5 organization projects in 5 days!

It’s not hideous, but it’s functioning at about 40% of its potential. The closet situation in our house is drastic. We live in a 900 sq ft, 1950s, 2-bedroom home. This means that each bedroom has a closet that is about half (or less) the size of today’s standard closet. Most people have pantries bigger than our bedroom closets. Initially we tried to just utilize dressers and other alternative clothing storage, but that just was not working. So Mr. P decided to take the living room closet as his own. Which leads us to here: half his clothes are in the bedroom dresser, half in the closet. There are items that don’t have a place. There are lightbulbs and helmets that have found their way into his closet. It’s just a big question mark of stress for those, like myself, who believe everything should have a place. I’m willing to admit that this closet started this 5-day challenge.

Deep breath.

#2: My Closet

5 organization projects in 5 days!

Both Mr. P’s and my shoes share a door hanger, my drawers are a mess, and maternity clothes are crammed where they’ll fit, while I get the pleasure of staring at tons of cute shirts that won’t go over my bump. Lame. This closet needs help.

#3: The Bedside Table

5 organization projects in 5 days!

It’s ok, in my opinion, to have a kitchen junk drawer. But when every drawer becomes a junk drawer, you have a problem. I have a problem. What do we see here? Chapstick, scissors, medicine, an underwater camera from high school, ancient candy. Yeah. This cannot last.

#4: The Kitchen Cabinets

5 organization projects in 5 days!

Our kitchen is small, but I believe that there is enough space so that child plates and spices and mason jar glasses do not have to share a shelf. This is just stupid.

#5: The Hall Closet

5 organization projects in 5 days!

Don’t act like you’re surprised. I think we all knew this was coming. The hall closet is like a black hole for items. Where do they go? Uh, the hall closet? Even if every item in this closet belongs in here, there must be a better way than this.

So there are the 5 projects. I’ve been tackling 1 each day this week and will report back promptly. I cannot wait to show you the sanity saving solutions that result. And while you’re getting excited about what’s to come, let me explain our parameters for each of these: I’m attempting to complete each project within a 2-hour (nap time) period. My goal is to spend little to nothing on each project. So this will not be a “look at this cute, expensive basket I bought to put stuff in” type gig. Above all, I want each solution to last and make sense. If an organized area is not easy to keep organized, then there is a problem with the organization system.

Get ready! Goodies to come!


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