Organization Project 2: Her Closet

Day 2 of 5 Days of Organizing! Woot woot! My project last Tuesday was to organize the closet of yours truly. Being 25 weeks pregnant means that a unique challenge my closet faces is the difficulty of needing access only to maternity clothes and having an entire wardrobe of temporarily obsolete clothing. Very frustrating. Now you may notice that the before and after photos look very similar. Aye, they look similar, but there are some major differences that turned my ill-fitting wardrobe into a maternity-friendly one.

Her Closet Before So here we are before. Mr. P and I shared a shoe rack, leaving neither of us with enough shoe storage. My drawers are packed full of anything (everything) I didn’t have a place for. There are piles. Ew. Piles of stuff. And worst of all, there are a ton of clothes I can’t fit into currently.

Her Closet Before

Overall, the space functioned well before I was pregnant. My maternity clothes were stored away, and only a few kinks existed in this space. But as my needs shifted quickly, this closet abruptly started to fail. If you find yourself in this bind, follow this initial procedure:

Step 1: Make sure Lost is playing on your laptop. This is very important for productivity.

Step 2: Dramatically toss every item in your closet that does not currently fit you onto the bed. Also include a donate pile (always good to have when cleaning out closets).

Remove all clothes from your closet that don't fit, leaving only maternity wear and extra baggy shirts.Step 3: Feel slightly embarrassed about the absurd amount of clothing you own.

Step 4: Enjoy the sight of an oversimplified closet, with only your baggy pre-pregnancy clothes in it.

Empty the clothes that no longer fit from your closet, leaving only maternity-friendly wear behind.

Step 5: Decide where to store pre-preggo clothes. This sounds maybe over-the-top, but last pregnancy I felt overwhelmed by daily seeing the clothes that didn’t fit, a feeling that only intensified when I had the baby and they still didn’t fit (for months). Getting those itty bitties out of sight (just for a while) is a sanity saver.

Find a proper storage place for pre-pregnancy clothes until you're ready to wear them again.

In this storage bin, I packed away all my pre-pregnancy pants, skirts, and shorts.

Next, I emptied the 3-drawer bin in the closet and used one of the drawers to store knit tops. All other shirts were stored in a dresser drawer. Then I had the pleasure of taking out all my maternity wear (formerly crammed into one of those drawers in the 3-drawer bin) and hanging them all up. The idea here was that all my clothes for this season will be hanging in one place. Since I have fewer items that fit during pregnancy, I have the luxury of being able to not have to go from drawer to drawer while getting dressed now. Finding a place for all maternity clothes and pre-pregnancy clothes eliminated the piles of randoms in the closet, a lovely change.

I then went through the scarf basket on the top shelf and made a few additions to the donation pile, leaving only the scarves and pashminas I wear.

As some of you saw yesterday, Mr. P become the new recipient of over-the-door shoe storage, freeing up the one in this closet for my shoes. So now instead of defaulting to the three pairs that are within reach, I actually have many equally easy-to-access options.

Her Closet After

The 3-drawer bin was then reorganized to hold accessories, pre-pregnancy shirts, and sports gear. I was amazed this last week at how one organization project bled into another. I had to find a space for my sports gear after Mr. P’s closet evicted it during that clean up project, a task I was so glad I did when I needed a knee brace this week and knew exactly where to find one.

Her Closet After -- maternity-friendly wardrobe :)

Sigh. There she is looking all kinds of good. Don’t mind the juice cup on the floor. Someone has her own sense of where things go. Psst, I spy a donation bag hanging on the back of the closet door. Helllllooo Salvation Army.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see how the bedside drawer turned out!

Organize your closet during pregnancy to be maternity-friendly.


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