Girl’s Room and Upstairs Study Tour

We’re touring through the historic Caroline House this week to see how it’s dressing up this year for Christmas. The girl’s room was decorated by Susan Todt and Alison Thomas, and I have to say that it is one of my favorites of the entire house.

“Glory in his Holy Name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice!” 1 Chronicles 16:10

Holiday Room Tour

Take it all in.

Holiday Room Tour: cow hide

I just didn’t know I could want a cow hide until now. Whether it’s the real deal or faux fur (more likely), this adds such a cozy and wintery feel to a space.

Dress up your deer head for Christmas

Call me sick, but I love that the deer head is adorned with what can only be described as jingle bells around its neck. While it’s overtly festive, it’s also kind of playful and messy. I like that. I’m also obsessed with these wings on the wall.

Holiday Room Tour

I have seen wooden ladders used for many things, but I’m all over how they used it more as an art display in this room for the canvas, ballet slippers, bells, and cross. What a great way to bring all these items together.

Holiday Room Tour

One of the keys to making such neutral-colored spaces look so visually interesting is mixing a variety of textures (the bed frame, the comforter, the quilt, the pillows). Speaking of the bed frame, I love how the dowels were left unpainted. The antler pillow is a fun addition, especially considering the deer head in the room.

Holiday Room Tour

Yet another shining example of how texture is the key to neutral. If someone had asked me if I wanted a giant canvas painting of a cupcake I would have said no 100% of the time, but seeing this has changed my mind. Ha. It also adds a young, feminine, and, yet again, carefree touch to the space.

Holiday Room Tour: bedside table

I need this lamp. I need it. Also, I love how this greenery is so simple and yet totally classic. The two trees on the bedside table also continue to add a variety of textures (I know, I’m a broken record, but I love it).

Holiday Room Tour: driftwood mirror

In front of the window across from the bed hung this magnificent driftwood mirror. The little wreath in the center was made to look like icy twigs, but I’m thinking lavender or baby’s breath would be stunning in recreating this.

Holiday Room Tour: wire nativity

In front of said window stood this bookshelf decorated with moss (that’s original), faux candles (mm, safety is sexy), and a collection of awesome wire nativities (a different one on each level in a different size). The overall effect was so whimsical.

Holiday Room Tour: wooden star ornament

On the Christmas tree in the bedroom was the most incredible wooden star ornament.

Christmas decorations for the bathrooom

In the adjoining bathroom, the soft neutral and teal color scheme continued with seasonal and eclectic decor and ornaments like these. I’m loving this ornament in particular. It looks like some old book pages were modpodged to an ornament. I want to make this.

Spray paint mismatched nutcrackers an antique white

Yet another idea I love: spray painting nutcrackers. Think about it! You could get a bunch of mix matched nutcrackers in different sizes from yard sales and thrift stores, spray paint them in this antique white, and make the most incredible mantel display. Very clever.

Holiday Study Room Tour

Connecting to the same bathroom was the most lovely study, decorated by Susan Lambert and Julie Howard.

“I in them and You in Me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that You sent Me and loved them even as you loved Me.” John 17:23

Yet again, an animal hide that I now want. Don’t judge me. I love the low-set basket to the left of the couch for blankets– so inviting. The two ottomans for one couch is a neat idea that I haven’t noticed before. It seems to help position the couch well in the corner.

Holiday Study Room Tour

I love all the surprising ways plants and greenery were used in this room to make it feel both warm and wintery. I’m especially fond of the vase full of baby’s breath.

Dress your garland up with eucalyptus

The garland around the door leaving this room was dressed up with eucalyptus, a great way to play up the blues in the room as well as display an incredible fragrance.

Thanks for touring the girl’s room and the upstairs study with me today. Come back tomorrow to see the kitchen and dining rooms (yes, multiple).


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