Living Room Tour

Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you’re here waiting for the oven to free up or you’re stuffed and reclining on the couch, I’m glad you’re here and I hope your holiday is grand. If you’ve missed the series this week, it’s a tour of the Caroline House all dressed up for Christmas.

The living room was decorated by Heritage Builders (maybe a Sunday school class).

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrew 13:2

Holiday Living Room Tour

A girlfriend recently shared her terrifying experience with a small house fire that began with a bathroom candle (sitting far away from everything flammable). Since then I have had a new affection for these LED candles, which this group just covered the mantel with. I love it, especially with a few pinecones thrown in. The “Holy Night” banner looks to consist of printables, burlap, string, and clothespins. Adorable for any mantels that are stocking-free this season.

Holiday Living Room Tour

Across from the mantel is this small dining area (don’t mind my ladies in the back).

Stick feathers in a soft bouquet for an eclectic flair.

I am sticking feathers in my next floral bouquet. This is a clever way to add an eclectic flair to your table.

Rosemary as a table setting.

For a rustic feature as well as a smell that will whet anyone’s appetite, they tied a twig of rosemary around the silverware and napkin. If I was a guest at this table, this little touch would make me feel well cared for.

Holiday Living Room Tour: driftwood cross

On the wall hangs a driftwood cross tied in the middle with something that resembles thorns– both meaningful and breathtaking.

Mismatched neutral and metallic mason jars.

On a nearby table were these goodies: mason jars of all different neutral colors (looks like they were painted inside the jar with a technique sadly unknown to me). While the largest jar holds a bouquet of roses, the others house lovely natural items that could easily be found in your backyard.

Holiday Living Room Tour

Then there was this cocoa bar. So much cleverness here. It looks like a unique candle display was repurposed to hold mugs. The base of these is circled with a red berry wreath (I would never have thought to put a wreath there). A large three-tiered basket was used to hold an incredible floral display, framed with an abundance of magnolia leaves, the bottom tier housing cocoa dressings. And tell me, how do spilled marshmallows look so appetizingly cute!?

Holiday Living Room Tour

More LED candles and a crown of baby’s breath. Have I mentioned that after this week I am going to use magnolia leaves everywhere? EVERYWHERE.

Holiday Living Room Tour

Another adorable, neutral mason jar, galvanized buckets filled with pinecones and berries (win), and another wire nativity (also seen in the girl’s room tour)!

For Christmas make a pallet cross.

On the wall hung another cross-inspired piece. It looks like a pallet was stained, taped, and painted. Such a great idea, especially when you have lots of wall space.

Holiday Living Room Tour

A potted plant wrapped in burlap makes for either a low-maintenance decoration or a sweet gift.

Holiday Living Room Tour

Check out that tree.

Holiday Living Room Tour

Lots of natural materials, as well as modpodge book page ornaments (I’m sensing a craft night coming my way).

Holiday Living Room Tour

These brown tags would be a fun group craft: stamp them, embroider them, glue buttons, etc.

Holiday Living Room Tour

If you direct your attention to the top of the tree, you will see a very unusual star. It’s difficult to make out from this angle (sorry, guys), but the crew who decorated this space made a star outline of twigs and traced it with burlap ribbon.

Holiday Living Room Tour

The same tags that are used to decorate the tree are also used to label gifts. Very clever indeed. I’m also in love with the cranberry ribbon.

Holiday Living Room Tour

I’m very much not over the brown paper presents. So satisfying to unwrap!

Holiday Living Room Tour

On the wall was this plate display. All you need is a center object of interest, 4 large plates, and 2 smaller ones. I still want to find some antlers. I know, I’m so behind. Any respectable blogger should already be tired of her faux deer head… (kidding)

Holiday Living Room Tour

And more, you guessed it, magnolia leaves! I’m finding, based on this house tour, that the key to a great wreath is found in the additions and personal touches you make to it. Personally, I’m a big fan of adding greenery.

Come around tomorrow for the last few rooms (the library, powder room, and sunroom) of the Caroline House. In the mean time, travel safely and give some love to your family and friends.




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