It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas?

After a ridiculous cold spell, Birmingham now feels like spring, even though it’s almost Christmas. So what am I doing during Little Girl nap times? Weeding and mulching. In December.

This flower bed was in desperate shape up until this week. The weeds were indistinguishable from the plants I intended to exist in this space and the mulch was sporadic. So after an intensive weeding session, I decided to take preventative weeding matters. Let me show you what I mean.

Prevent weeds

I planted some blueberry bushes in the summer and it seemed that, despite the excessive mulching, every time it rained an hours-worth of weeding resulted. I started by raking the mulch to one side of the planter. Then I tacked weed cloth down, cutting very imperfect holes for the baby bushes.

Weed Prevention

Once one side of the planter was completed, I raked the existing mulch onto the completed side.

Prevent weeds in your bed

I know, this doesn’t look super sexy, but stay with me. At this point, I repeat the same process of tacking down weed cloth on the exposed side.

Keep weeds out of your bed.

There we go! Next step is to evenly distribute the mulch. If you need more (I certainly did), apply more after distributing the existing mulch. The result is the loveliness and minimum work required you saw in the first picture. Let me show you what this planter looks like today (months later).

Mulch and weed cloth save tons of time weeding

It’s not crazy sexy, since it’s needs a little attention, but I have not had to weed for MONTHS in this area. All I need is a touch more mulch and some kind of retainer to hold the mulch in. We’re hunting for some good looking stones, but I’m afraid our go-to (Lowes) is failing us in this department.

When I told Mr. P about my revamping Planter A (the first planter I showed you in this post), it went like this. Me: “Guess what project I finalllllly did today!” Mr. P: “Uhhh?” Me: “In the front yard…” Mr. P (with a hint of actual excitement in his voice) “Did you get that hideous shrub area in shape?” (That’s not a direct quote… I can’t remember what he said, definitely not “hideous.”) Me: “Uh, no. I cleaned up the planter…” The hideous shrub area he was referring to would be the overgrown, weed-infested, monkey grass-infested area where the shrubs grow (to the right of our front door). The reason this area has been so drastically neglected is that we’re hoping to build a front porch sometime in the next year. This kind of yard work is so labor-intensive that I have managed to overlook how janky-looking the front has been. Well, until I realized that I wasn’t the only one having to overlook it. So with all this incredible weather (in the 70s!), I have begun the shrub planter overhaul!

Turning this nasty shrub planter into something lovely

This is what it looks like. Yuck.

Revamping this hideous shrub planter.

And after one day’s work, approximately a third of it has been tilled (manually, folks). I’m getting excited and preparing to buy an obscene amount of mulch.


I like to throw the weeds, monkey grass, and roots in the driveway to dry out before I rake them up and toss them. I’m lovingly referring to this as my driveway garden.

Stay tuned to see how this turns out (and to see if I can survive this much yard work in my third trimester)!




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