Some Resolutions for this Lovely New Year

Between the traveling, excitement, gift-giving, and gift-receiving, New Year resolutions were definitely not something I was thinking about until the new year went ahead and made its entrance. Each year I find myself hesitant to partake in the how-many-months-can-we-last-guilting-ourselves-everytime-we-eat-dessert game. I suppose it is the way that New Year resolutions seem to highlight our utter lack of resolve as a people that turns me off to the idea. I like to be someone who does what she says, who grabs her life by the-er-well, who takes charge in the ways one can have control of her own life. I never want to be someone who has toured through every fad diet without finding a healthy lifestyle or someone who emptily resolves to meditate without having a sense of what god she is trying to meditate on or for. I mean no harm to any of you by saying this; I simply mean to express the fear of the meaninglessness that can be cloaked in the dignifying term “resolution.” So when I decided to make a few resolutions this year, I wanted them to be real and to mean something for me. I mean, yeah, sure, I’d love to be cellulite-free for 2015, but when I die (hopefully in an old, well-used body with, yes, cellulite), I will care very little about what the back of my legs looked like. So without further ado, here is my small list for the year.

1) Spend more intentional time with Little Girl.

New Year Resolutions 2015

It is so easy (for me) to spend my days trying to accomplish things in spite of my toddler’s best efforts. I give her some paper to color on, a toy to play with, a book to read–all so I can just focus on my tasks. I think there are times when this is appropriate, but it is so easy to fall into a cycle of ignoring my child. I’m not talking about actual neglect, but simply the mindset of blocking her out until she needs something. I do want to focus on tasks, but this year I want to have some protected us time where the “task” at hand is to be together and to have fun. I’m thinking a little bit each day (maybe having a post-nap outside time) and maybe one day a week where we go somewhere (the park, the museum, a cafe?). With baby #2 on the way, I’m not sure what this will look like exactly (probably a larger “us” included in that us time), but you get the picture.

2) Eat less meat.

New Year Resolutions 2015

What? After I just railed on diets? Yeah. My boo thang is becoming a doctor, y’all. You didn’t think I’d be all “forget healthy living and hand me the bacon,” did you? For the record, there is a huge distinction to be made between being healthy and “perfecting” one’s body. That being said, Mr. P and I both are aiming to eat less meat. We are not vegan and probably never will be because of the sheer fact that we want to be able to eat whatever is served to us wherever we go (be it a friend’s house or an Ethiopian wedding), but we would love for our daily food intake to more closely resemble a plant-eater’s. Why? That’s probably a collaboration of the facts we’ve encountered from the China Study and what Mr. P has learned in med school, which is that we eat far more meat and protein than we actually need and by eating more produce, we may be able to live more richly with a very low chance of certain diseases. For us, this means that several nights a week dinner is vegan and the other nights include a meal that is made with one chicken breast (total) instead of three.

3) Become stronger.

New Year Resolutions 2015

This last year I was aiming to run a 5k under 25 minutes. I gave up this resolution when I became pregnant–I’ve been exercising this whole time, but running sprints is a different story. Unfortunately, I was struggling to work toward that goal even before the awesome news of baby #2, because I kept getting injured (over and over). In my case, that was because some very important muscles were not strong enough for the strain of training. This year (starting at least a month after baby is born) I want to prevent injury by being stronger. I want to have killer core muscles (runners, it’s all about a strong core, seriously) and crazy buff arms to lift two babies at one time. And I want better posture? A strong core has got to help with that, right? Ha.

4) Take the blogging leap.

New Year Resolutions 2015

I told myself that if this blog did well for the first 6 months I worked on it, that I would get my own domain and all that goes with that. Well, it’s been over a year here (yay us!) and I think it’s fair to say that it’s time. So my goal is to have the blog looking all kinds of grown up (its own domain name, a slightly different look, maybe you’ll see some ads) this year. I’m hesitant to give a more detailed timeline than that, but let me just say, you all visiting and seeing what we’re up to over here is so encouraging. I wouldn’t even be able to think about this as a resolution without all of you who are reading this now. So here is a huge thank you. I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

Want to see last year’s resolutions? Go check them out. I think I did alright.

What about you all? What are your resolutions this year?


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