Bathroom Sneak Peak

I’ve been promising you this bathroom reveal for a little while now, and while it is soooo close to being done, it’s still not quite ready for you to see it. Between Mr. P’s exams and my super pregnantness, the last few touches are moving slowly, so I need your patience. In the mean time, I give you the next best thing: a sneak peak, a window into our inspiration, and some seriously hideous before-pictures.

Let me begin by saying Mr. P is in med school and I am a stay-at-home mom. It doesn’t take much number-crunching to realize that our budget for this bathroom was extremely small in terms of bathroom renovations. One thing you can look forward to upon the big reveal is a look into how we made it work financially. You want to talk about some budget-friendly renovation tips? Oh we’ll talk. Get excited.

When we moved in last spring, the bathroom was… terrible. It was terrible. Imma say it.

Bathroom Before

This is the photo from the realty website, which flatters the space by making it look large and very white. The walls were neon periwinkle. Below the chair rail was a thick textured/plastered mess. The vanity had water damage (ie warped wood) and the counter on top of it had yellowed drastically. It all functioned, but was just so periwinkle. I mean, I know, the tile wasn’t pink, but still.

I knew I wanted a different color and that I really wanted to get rid of that texture, but it wasn’t until I saw this lovely bathroom that I felt inspired.

Bathroom InspirationSource: Beyond the Portico

The charcoal against the white looked so elegant. I also couldn’t get over how that dark shade made a bold statement without being too modern for our 50s home. So I began by painting above the chair rail a delicious color called Rugged Suede by Valspar. Then I set to work sanding the nastiness below.

Valspar Rugged Suede above the chair rail

Sanding that nasty plaster.

This was after sooo much time and elbow grease.

Sanding textured plaster

And so far to go still. Would you believe that on demo day, we found out that this plaster ripped right off the wall in sheets. Even though that meant all my hard work on that plaster was in vain, it was a huge relief since I could never get them smooth enough.

Who paints the towel rack? Not cool.

Did I mention that the towel rack on the back of the door was painted in the same shade of neon periwinkle. No. Not ok.

Demo Day

So one demo day later, this is what the bathroom looked like. We decided to take up the white tile and go for something with a little more personality. In our excitement to get the space ready for tiling, we accidentally broke the toilet (um, oops), so unexpected to our list was a new toilet to our bathroom renovation. Kind of nice (since the previous toilet was pretty low to the ground), but a lot of money to not know you’re going to spend.

Tile InspirationSource: Paper Blog

Speaking of tile, this gorgeous bathroom was particularly inspiring in the flooring department. I loved the matte black and how natural, yet sleek it looked. (Some other things I’m so about in this bathroom: the gold/brass hardware, the wall tiles, the oversized mirror, the ceiling, the ceiling light fixture, the plant, just everything.)

Demo Day revealed some subfloor water damage.

When we took up the tile, we found some water damage to the subfloor around the toilet. Boo. Fortunately it wasn’t too extensive, so the repair was pretty quick for Mr. P.

Demo Day

Check out this ancient glue that held on those sheets of plaster. Wow.

When thinking about a vanity to replace the oversized, low-quality one that came with the house, we knew pretty quickly that we wanted to make one. One idea that seemed particularly exciting for both its look and the ease at which it fit into our budget was the concrete countertop.

Concrete SinkSource: Remodelaholic

This would allow us to salvage the countertop and simply create a vanity to go underneath. We also considered vessel sinks in all their unusual loveliness.

Vessel Sink InspirationSource: BHG

Vessel Sink InspirationSource: BHG

Vessel Sink InspirationSource: BHG

You can see a trend in all three of this lovelies that I’m all over: natural materials juxtaposed with modern elements (like concrete). I love the use of wood, greenery, and metal. It’s industrial farm chic. Ok, so I’ve never heard that term. But it did sound smart. Anyway, so inspiring.

For the overall feel of the bathroom, I found major inspiration in AKA Design’s bathroom renovation in a look they refer to as “vintage industrial glam” (industrial farm chic, tomato tamata). Check this out:

Bathroom InspirationSource: AKA Design

Bathroom InspirationSource: AKA Design

What I love about AKA Design’s bathroom is that the styling is mostly in the little elements (ie it’s attainable) rather than in pricey hardware or installations (like the moroccan tiles I like to pin the crap out of).

So what became of all this inspiration and hard work? You’ll have to wait and see, my friends. We’re so close to being ready to show you!


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