Bathroom Progress

I love a good reveal. Do any of you watch HGTV’s Fixer Upper? It’s a renovation show with the most awesome couple (I feel like Chip and Joanna are my friends… I know, creepy) in Waco, TX. They do the most unbelievable renovations, turning some seriously hideous homes into real gems. They feature a good bit of the renovation process, but in less than an hour I get to see condemned homes turn into palaces. It feels great. Renovations in real time, unfortunately, just aren’t like that (especially when you don’t have a team of professionals working around the clock on your home). That being said, I realized I may have jumped the gun on sharing a preview of our bathroom if I wanted to hit you up with a big reveal the very next week. You see, Mr. P, the one doing all the skilled repairs and installations in this project, has a life-altering exam in less than two months. That being said, this project may have to be on hold, or at the very least, move at a much slower rate.

When Mr. P and I discussed this, it hit me: why do I have to reveal our bathroom to you as though the change in it happened over night? My desire through this blog (hence the name) is to be transparent and real with you all. So why not just take you along for the ride and show you some shots of our not finished bathroom? Here is where you promise not to leave me because of the obvious imperfections you’re going to witness.

Ok? Ok. Whew. I feel closer to you already.

That being said, let’s take a look at the bathroom.

Bathroom Before

Just as a reminder of where we’re coming from, this is the neon periwinkle goodness that we moved into.

Bathroom Renovation Progress

And this is what it looks like today. Mr. P repaired the subfloor and tiled this beauty with these gorgeous grey tiles we found at Lowes for somewhere between $1 and $1.50/tile. We replaced the toilet (ok, we broke the first one when we tried to remove it and were forced to, but hey, look at this awesome toilet we replaced it with). We removed the plastered, textured walls (AGH) and replaced it with beadboard. We painted the walls (Valspar’s Rugged Suede, purrr). And my favorite of all, we built a vanity! Ah! Loving where this space is headed. We still need to finish putting up some moulding, as you can see, but we’re getting there.

I’m not sure what to do with the window at this point. You see, I usually just rip shades off first and figure out what to put up second, but our bathroom window happens to FACE our neighbor’s porch. Dumb. That being said, privacy is a priority here. The real hiccup is found in the darkness of this space. The window is always covered, making this space cave-like. I’ve debated frosting the window and putting up something sheer and decorative in lieu of the shades, but with our window facing a porch, I need to be confident that there is no visibility going on here. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Bathroom Renovation Progress

Let’s take another look at that sexy Glacier Bay toilet. Mmm. This bad boy flushes like a champ and sits several inches taller than the one we broke replaced. A new toilet is one of those things I wouldn’t necessarily be jonesing for, but it really does freshen up this bathroom to say the least.

Vintage Floral Prints

Above said toilet you will see some vintage seed catalogue prints. I snagged these online and simply printed them and stuck them in some wooden, thrift store frames that I distressed (ie sanded). Easy and lovely.

DIY Vanity

Here is the lovely (unfinished) vanity. We debated making a concrete counter for a while, but when we started constructing this beauty, we couldn’t get enough of this stained wood. We ended up skipping the concrete and putting resin on the counter for water protection.

DIY Vanity

Super fun fact: we found this brand new sink on Craigslist for $30. Not remotely kidding. The faucet we bought new from Lowes and love the mix of chrome and brushed nickel. We still have to add drawers to the vanity (the middle slots will remain open). Actually, we still have to finish installing the sink as well. This is an old house hiccup. When Mr. P went to put it in, he found that one of the valves on the wall needs replacing. Soon enough we’ll get to brush our teeth in here instead of the kitchen.

Bathroom Renovation

Above the sink is the original medicine cabinet. We’re not crazy about it, but much like the window, we don’t have a solid plan nailed down for it yet. Maybe we’ll replace it. Maybe we’ll doctor it up. You’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

Bathroom Renovation

Above the mirror you can see our light situation. Definitely not finished. We removed the globes from the original fixture and replaced the bulbs with Edison bulbs. The hope is to paint the fixture with a sexy oil-rubbed bronze and see if that does the trick. But now that the globes are gone, it looks very… naked. We’ll see if the paint fixes the problem. If not, I’m hoping to find some globes that offer a different feel than the last ones.

Edison bulbs

These Edison bulbs are from Lowes (seriously). So cool looking, though I’m wishing we got 60 watts instead of 40. It’s currently a bit too dim.

Put the litter box in the bathroom closet and add a cat door!

I know you saw this hole and wondered if we’ve lost our minds. Maybe. In our small house (with a toddler and very soon a baby), there is no right place for the litter box. Even our laundry room is outside (laundry shed, I should say) and therefore unavailable as a space for the cat. So, we’ve put the box in the bathroom closet and cut a hole in the door. Say what you want, but it’s been AMAZING. The smell is contained between cleanings, the eyesore is gone, spilled litter stays within a small space, and Little Girl can’t mess with cat poop. So all we have left to do with the hole is add a little something (moulding?) to jazz it up and then paint the exposed wood.

Bathroom Renovation

On the same door you can feast your eyes on our gorgeous vintage doorknob. I’m in love with this yard sale find.

Bathroom Renovation

You can see some work that needs to be done here. A little caulking is needed pronto on the left side of the door and on the right we need to fit something in that space. I don’t think it’s necessary to cut 1-inch sections of beadboard, but we’ll see what we end up doing. Also, please notice the no longer periwinkle towel racks! Yeah, that’s FOUR coats of paint, by the way. I’m pretty sure it still needs one more. Never paint anything neon periwinkle.

So that’s where we are. There’s plenty to be done before we’re remotely finished and plenty of decor ideas I’d love to make happen. But all in good time. What do you think? Any ideas for us?


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