Nursery “Reveal” (Progress)

Our one-year home owner anniversary is around the corner (end of March) and I have hardly shown you our home. It’s shameful. For those of you who read last week’s post, you’ll understand that a recent epiphany has led me to share more, even if it highlights less-than-perfect work. After all, “Crooked Housewife” is about being honest and encouraging to homemakers and DIYers through humor, mistakes, and reality. Just wanted to explain my sudden indulgence in showing what we’ve been up to.

So the nursery. When we moved in, Little Girl was almost 1 and an only child. Today she is about to be a big sister (seriously, any day now… I mean, I could be in labor while you’re reading this… that would be awesome). As our home only has 2 bedrooms, Little Girl will be sharing with her new brother or sister. Since we moved in, this room has gone through two transformations. The first was turning it into a nursery. The second is (we’re still working through it) making it a nursery for two.

A year ago, the room served as the former owner’s guest room.

Nursery BeforeNot much to report. It was lavender and when we moved in was simply an empty, carpeted bedroom.

Nursery Before

The small door is another one of those tiny closets you’ve seen in our bedroom and living room.

Nursery BeforeThis is one of the shadier rooms of the home, so I’m pleased that it has one larger-than-normal window (left).

When deciding what to do paint-wise in here, I knew I wanted the space to be warm and colorful, but without being Toys R Us colorful (you know, tons of primary colors everywhere). After getting some Pinspiration (yeah, don’t hate), I settled on what felt like a semi-scary move to go with a neutral cream on the walls and a bright yellow on the ceiling.

Yellow ceilings and cream walls

The walls are “Muslin Wrap” by Valspar and the ceiling “Golden Treasure” by Valspar.

Cream with yellow accents

One of our current challenges in this tight space is toy storage. We’ve been pretty conservative with buying toys for Little Girl, but after Christmas with both families, we suddenly became overwhelmed (in a good way, thanks family!) with toys and zero places to put them. Currently our changing table stores diapers (top), and a few toys and books (bottom). I would love to touch up the paint job on the changing table and corral the toys to a location that makes more sense (perhaps having them all in one place). The changing table and wood grain bins can both be found a la Target.

Nursery AfterTurning to the right, we have our story time chair (found on the side of the road, hehe), a homemade quilt, and some of my favorite fabrics in embroidery hoops on the wall. The pillowcase came from Hobby Lobby (hello 40% off coupon). Our curtains came from Bed, Bath & Beyond 3+ years ago (one of our first home purchases after getting married, how exciting).

Splashes of orange

I’ve enjoyed throwing splashes of orange in the mix throughout the room, like with this painted, vintage-style alarm clock.

Nursery After

Currently we have a kind of gallery over Little Girl’s crib that includes some framed art, a painting from Cuba, and a needlepoint that a sweet friend made for us. I would love to work that wall a bit more, but I haven’t quite settled on how. What I’m really jazzed about is the reading nook. The stool was one of Mr. P’s finds in Ethiopia. The leather ottoman and orange pillow were gifts from my world-traveler sister. The chandelier was a hand-me-down from my sweet SIL that we made a few adjustments to (more on that soon). And the bookshelf is made from pallets. You can find a DIY to that here. 

Nursery gallery wall

You can’t tell me that the little puppy dog made out of a baby footprint doesn’t melt your heart. Oh and that little wreath came straight out of Target’s dollar section. Yessss.

Nursery chandelier

We took out the wiring from the chandelier and replaced the lighting with LED candles. I liked the idea that we could turn these on without the overhead light (and hurray for not having to mess with wiring–I really hate electrical projects). More on this one later.

Nursery reading nook

This little rug is a World Market find, for any who are interested.

Nursery After

This Ikea dresser was holding all of Little Girl’s clothes, accessories, blankets, etc. We just recently tackled a closet makeover in here (oh you better believe you’ll hear about that), so now it is EMPTY. The dresser is just kind of a placeholder until we build a toddler bed.

Nursery After

For any lovers of the hedgehog print, please go pay our friend Sarah a visit on her Etsy site and check out more of her incredible work (her paintings are great as well).

Citrus accents

A baby wish scrapbook

At one of our baby showers, friends and family filled out “wishes for baby” worksheets, which we recently tucked into a 4×6 scrapbook. Such sweetness.

Nursery Accents

Nusery After

The hamper: yet another treasure from our first year of marriage courtesy of Bed, Bath & Beyond. Light switch cover: Hobby Lobby.

And there she is, my friends. Some hopes we have for this space in the near future: build a toddler bed, create more functional toy storage, and replace the carpeting (you can’t really see it in these photos, but it is atrocious). Coming up soon I’ll be showing you how we did the chandelier and our nursery closet makeover (adventures in organizing).


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