Cleaning Out My Closet (Literally): Nursery Closet Makeover

In preparation for two kids in one room, I finally had to face the nursery closet. This thing was like the chamber of secrets of toddler toys. The picture above is what the nursery looked like when I took everything out of the closet. Chamber of freakin secrets.

Nursery Closet Before

And here is the closet. One of the biggest ones in the house, and yet terribly inefficient for a nursery.

Nursery Closet Before

And here’s the other side.

I wish I could say I had a ton of photos to document the process, but it was fairly straight forward. We built more shelves to store clothes and accessories in cubes, designating each side of the closet for each child.

Nursery Closet After

A few simple fixes really transformed this space: adding simple shelves to each side of the closet, buying cubes for storage, painting an accent wall in the closet, and finding some plastic bins to store toys in.

We are going to be surprised by the gender of this upcoming baby, so you might be wondering what’s with all the pink. The truth: I had a sample of this deliciously warm light pink called “Cape Sands” by Valspar that turned out to be exactly enough to cover the back wall, so I figured I’d try it out. If we have a boy next, I’ll probably grab a sample of something else and remedy the über girliness of the wall.

Nursery Closet After

On the baby’s side, most of the bins hold things like swaddling blankets and baby supplies, while the toy bins below (yellow) hold teething toys and lovies. On Little Girl’s side they are dedicated more to clothes, accessories, and the like.

Organizing the Nursery Closet

My favorite upgrade of all would be the simple clear bins of clothes we’re currently not using. We graduated from trash bags! Yay! Giving these items structure and making them stackable has made this whole project 1000% (yes, one thousand percent) more efficient. In the middle of each bin, I have a piece of cardboard separating the different sizes.

Nursery Closet Organization

Behind the cubes I have a few things stored that we don’t need frequent access to (extra diapers that don’t fit in the changing table, for example). On Little Girl’s side, I gathered toy sets together in plastic yellow bins (well thank you Target dollar section) that had many pieces.

We still need better toy storage in the nursery, but this closet has made a huge improvement in our use of the space. Some of the bigger things you see in the messy room photo are tucked under the crib and in other obscure, but doable (for now) places. I’ll keep you posted on how that comes along, my friends.



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