DIY LED Chandelier

If you saw our nursery “reveal” last week, then you might of caught a glimpse of our chandelier over the reading nook. When we first received it, it was adorned with light pink shades and hardwired (meant to be installed, not plugged in). After removing the shades, this is what it looked like:

Chandelier Before

We hung it from a hook in the ceiling, preparing to do something with it, but until then, letting the wires just hang out as a nasty, little eyesore. I began by removing the lightbulbs and the white cases (the right one removed in this photo) over the wiring.

Chandelier Before

The next few steps were easy: essentially, remove stuff. My goal was to make the surfaces flat so they could simply hold an LED candle. I unscrewed everything I came across, and when I got to the wires, gave them a simple snip snip.

Removing the hardwire from a chandelier.

Finally, this is what I came to. This one threaded bolt protruded, making it impossible to have a flat surface to set the candles on. So I unscrewed the nut and pulled the washer off. DIY LED Candle Chandelier

DIY LED Candle Chandelier

After removing the bobeche (the decorative plastic bit that’s supposed to look like it’s made for catching wax), I screwed the nut back on to the right height so that when the bobeche was placed on top of it, the bolt did not protrude. I then spray painted it white, since part of the bolt will be exposed when we’re done.

DIY LED Candle Chandelier

After placing the bobeche on top of the bolt, I super glued the washer to the bobeche to create a steady surface for the LED candles to sit on.

DIY LED Candle Chandelier

And then I simply set the candles on top.

I didn’t bother securing the candles to the chandelier because their power switch is in the bottom, so to turn them on, I have to pick them up. It’s really not a hassle at all–just like anywhere else you would use LED candles.

DIY LED Candle Chandelier

I love the way it turned out! And I’m a huge fan of how low maintenance it is. If we get tired of, no uninstalling a light fixture. Simple simple.

DIY LED Candle Chandelier

If anything did not make sense, just comment and I’m more than happy to explain. Or better yet, if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears! What would make this project better?


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