Bedroom Refresh


You may remember back in June when I showed you what we had done to the bedroom, this was what it looked like then:

Bedroom Before

I have to admit, first, that I have been nesting like a crazy woman. The due date has come and gone and the baby is still cooking and all I can do is waddle around cleaning and sewing like some Mother Goose rhyme. It’s ridiculous.

That being said, I loved (love) our room, but there were some things I really wanted to improve. I wouldn’t walk away today and say, “I’m done. It’s perfect.” That is just zero fun, but I am pleased and have really enjoyed making some changes, as I’m sure I will over the next few months. Without further ado:

Bedroom Refresh

My absolute favorite change is the bedding. The pintuck duvet cover is actually a DIY! You guys, I have been scouting bedding for months and the absolute best price I could find was $50 for a comforter, and much more for the bedding I really loved. This project cost me a total of $20 and is exactly what I wanted. The tutorial for the duvet cover comes from the lovely blog, View Along the Way (click to go straight to the tutorial). I could not be more pleased. The grey and white pillow cases I pieced together myself, and the red pillow cases (you can only see a peek of them) I made following an incredibly beginner-friendly tutorial for envelope pillow cases courtesy of A Curiously Chic Life (again, click to go straight to the tutorial). I really did not think that making my own bedding would be so easy, but it was!

orchids and DIY lamps, mmm

You might have noticed this lovely orchid. Ah! Plant life, in general, freshens up a space so much, but orchids. Mm. Next level of beauty, and very easy to care for. You may have noticed the new lamps? One of the adorable orange and white ones we previously had broke (was shattered, oops, and no, not in an angry rage), so I took an older lamp we had and found a new lamp (thank you Target) with a similar base and spray painted both of them white (hello Rustoleum). I then hot glued this super cute vintage-y yellow fabric to the existing lamp shades and voila!

DIY Bedding

Here’s a better look at that bedding. I keep kicking Benji (meet him here) off the bed, but I kind of don’t blame him for trying to sleep here all the time.

Red, white, and blue bedroom

One of my favorite additions is our red rug. Initially this was in our living room, but I did a little rug swap and just loved the vibrance it brought to our room. I never imagined I would want a red, white, and blue bedroom, but I’m all over it (especially with a few pops of yellow).

Working gallery wall

Our gallery wall has expanded a bit since last time.

A little gallery wall

I love having meaningful, artful pieces on display throughout our home, like this plate we received as a gift and our cake toppers framed.

DIY lamp

Here’s a better look at the other lamp. Not exactly the same, but very close. I kind of love that they are just a touch different.

DIY pillow cases

Cold, winter sunlight streaming in.

DIY Mirror

Also, there’s this DIY mirror. I believe we found this mirror on the side of the road, and I knew I wanted to try out Shanty 2 Chic’s dorm mirror DIY (click for the tutorial). Essentially you glue a dorm mirror to wood (these are fence boards) and paint it. Amazing.

Mirror Oops

Sadly enough, it has cracked. Instead of using hot glue, I used liquid nails to attach the mirror and I think it pulled the mirror and after a few days of looking lovely, cracked it. Boooo. I’m going to try again by replacing the mirror, rather than starting all over, so hopefully all will go well.

A few simple upgrades: bedding, lamps, a plant, art, a rug, and a mirror. What do you think?




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