Introducing #2

You guessed it. My incredible MIA-ness means that the baby finally came! I say this as if we didn’t know it would happen, as though a baby could stay forever in your giant, cankle-prone body or change its mind as to whether it would make an appearance at all. While going past your due date (again) makes you feel that way, alas, the bun cannot stay in the oven. Praise the Lord.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to our second little girl! What will she be called, you ask? We have many nicknames for her already: nugget, squeaker, dumpling (all amazingly appropriate once you meet her). And do we continue calling Little Girl by her nickname now that there are, in fact, two little girls? Hm. So much to think on in this little blogosphere of ours.

Mr. P and I are crazy about our family. Is that a weird thing to say? When Little Girl was born we were undergoing such a transition (ok, we’re mostly talking about me here — not because Mr. P wasn’t transitioning into parenthood, but because he handles transitions far better than I) that, while we were thrilled, we were simultaneously worried, exhausted, and perplexed. This go-round, though it does entail those feelings in smaller doses, has been much more relaxed and, in that way, easier to enjoy. It is a big transition going from one child to two, but it is nothing like the initial transition into parenthood (in my opinion). Some major factors that have helped make this easier and not more difficult: our parents helped majorly by visiting and watching Little Girl or holding the baby or doing dishes (etc etc etc), friends made us so much food (we would be probably not eating without you guys–ok, we would be eating a lot of chips and salsa and frozen chicken nuggets without you guys), and our labor experience was infinitely more positive than last time.

As for Little Girl (#1): she is in love. She is all about being a big sister and our biggest problem we’re having with her right now is that she gets protective when people hold her little sister. It’s kind of hilarious. We’re talking, tears, pointing, “no hold baby sister” being yelled at our friends… not at all what I expected to be dealing with.

Benji (the cat) has been completely uninterested until the last few days in which he has given a few halfhearted sniffs to see what has been making the squeaky crying sound for the last two weeks. His disinterest thrills me as much as Little Girl’s excitement. I have cat-suffocating-baby nightmares all the time. Don’t get me wrong, we keep her separated from him when she sleeps, but still. Cats are cunning when they really want something. Fortunately for Nugget, the apple of Benji’s eye is sleeping on our (mine and Mr. P’s) bed (which is off limits). He seriously hides under our bed and tries to wait until we’re asleep. It’s ridiculous.

And Shasta (the now giant puppy) has yet to truly encounter her, as he is now a full-time outside dog. I just felt like I should include him in the family update. Did I mention he’s giant? And still such a puppy? It’s terrifying.

I’ll be sharing a little bit about our labor experience in an upcoming post. For those of you who would rather not, I figured I’d keep the announcement and gory details separate. So if you’re interested, stay tuned.


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