A New Way to Follow

Hey friends,

A while ago I updated you that you could follow me on CrookedHousewife.com (woot), but what I didn’t make clear is that if you have subscribed to this blog, you will not be getting updates for the new website. So, in order to be updated about new posts (which will only be appearing on CrookedHousewife.com), please visit the website. Scroll down the sidebar on the right side of the page and write your e-mail address in the box under “Want to know when I post?” and click “Subscribe.” I would love your support on this new venture of going all grown-up on a real .com website. Thanks everyone! See you on the new website!



Oh do I have some exciting news for you.

You have been faithful, sweet, encouraging, and overall wonderful readers. And now I ask you to join me

as we graduate to http://www.crookedhousewife.com!

Ladies and gents, we have taken the plunge into the real world of blogging and I hope you’ll come support me on the new website. In many ways it will look, read, and feel just like this blog (with an easier handle), but some things will be new and some bugs will still need to be worked out on my part.

I hope you like the change as much as I do.